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2022-07-20 Author: Poly News
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Janet turned at the sound of her name, and came quickly up to her mistress. She looked slight, pale, and almost insignificant beside the full, blooming, luxuriously made girl, who, resting one hand in a [Pg 15]nonchalant manner on the back of her chair, was looking full at her with laughing bright eyes."Don't you hear the clock?" exclaimed Dorothy, unconscious relief coming into her tones.

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Mrs. Freeman could see them as she sat in her sitting room.

"Nonsense, Evelyn. They disobeyed my most stringent orders. Are they not to be blamed for that?""Well, Marshall is unhappy about her," replied Dorothy. "She said that Bridget would not touch her dinner. I don't exactly know what Mrs. Freeman means to do about her, but the poor girl is a prisoner in Miss Patience's dull little sitting room for the present."She scrutinized Olive's face now, a slightly satirical expression hovering round her somewhat thin lips.

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She was a tall, slight girl, fairly good-looking, and not too strong-minded.While Marshall was speaking she looked down at the pretty and rebellious young prisoner with marked interest.

"I don't mean that, miss; I mean that perhaps you'd talk to Miss Bridget, and persuade her to do whatever Mrs. Freeman says is right. I don't know what that is, of course, but you has a very kind way, Miss Dorothy,[Pg 71] and ef you would speak to Miss O'Hara, maybe she'd listen to you."Mrs. Freeman left her pupil's room, and went downstairs.

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"Poor girl!" said Evelyn, a wistful expression coming into her eyes.Rummy paytm cash app

"How disagreeable! I can't live without flowers. I suppose papa will not expect me to stay if I don't like the place?"