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"Yes, you will. You'll soon learn to control your tongue and to speak in a ladylike way."

Dorothy Collingwood ran after Mrs. Freeman."Yes, certainly. Let me introduce you to someone in particular. Janet May, come here, my dear."She called Bridget's name, but the wind, which was rather high this morning, carried her voice away from the young girl, who was gayly flitting from one rosebush [Pg 30]to another, ruthlessly pulling the large, full-blown flowers with buds attached.

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The next morning, after breakfast, Mrs. Freeman went upstairs to sit with her favorite Evelyn.

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"As to disliking Miss O'Hara, it's more a case of despising; she's beneath my dislike."

"Run back to your companions this minute, miss," said Olive Moore. "You're getting to be a perfect tittle-tattle, Violet. There, I'm not angry, child, but you must learn not to talk about everything you see."rummy online real money game

"She was interceding for Bridget," said Dorothy.

Mrs. Freeman could see them as she sat in her sitting room."I wish you'd say what you think about Bridget. Isn't she past enduring, getting all the little ones to disobey like this? Why, she might be expelled! Yes, Janet; yes, I'm going. You needn't look at me as if you'd like to eat me!"